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The final step in gel polish manicure is to apply the top coat without a sticky layer. Thanks to its optimal consistency, Profi Top can be easily applied in an even and thin layer on any gel polish from the NAIL BRAND company. Profi Top protects gel polish from external factors and provides it with ..
Rubber Base Smart 15ml
Rubber Base "SMART" is a new base in the NAIL BRAND gel varnish nail system. The base is an elastic gel of a transparent color, above average density, based on rubber fibers, and is used as the base first (strengthening layer) before coating with NAIL BRAND gel polish. The professional rubber base p..
Base coat Rubber Base “NANO” from Nail Brand is designed to strengthen the nail plate and create a flawlessly smooth base for NAIL BRAND color gel polish application. Apply rubber base “NANO” to the nail plate in the first layer after pretreatment of the nails. The base will prevent the dyes contain..
"Velour" - matte top coat - top for NAIL BRAND gel polish. The matte top provides a soft and smooth matte finish with a 'velor' effect when completely dry.The matte ‘’ Velour'' top perfectly accentuates the depth of dark tones and creates a sophisticated and elegant design. Has no sticky layer.The v..
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