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Gel Polish 10100 Collection Italy 50ml

Gel Polish 10100 Collection Italy 50ml
Gel Polish 10100 Collection Italy 50ml
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Nail Brand gel polish is a hybrid of regular nail polish and modeling gel for building. The Nail Brand material combines the best qualities of both coatings: color and durability up to 5 weeks. It fits on the nail plate as easily as a regular varnish, which makes it easy to use not only in a professional salon, but also at home. Due to the fact that the gel polish is made on the basis of a modeling gel, it not only has durability, but also allows you to walk with the coating for 4-5 weeks. With the help of Nail Brand gel varnish it is possible to grow the length of a natural nail, this is due to its decorative and functional characteristics. The main components of Nail Brand gel polish are natural polymers that remain unchanged in contact with water, alcohol or any chemicals, such as: *acetone *chlorine *white Nail Brand gel polish has a high level of resistance to mechanical influences of external factors, so it stays on nails longer and makes your manicure fresher and more well-groomed for a long time. Nail Brand gel polish consists of: • photoinitiator - responsible for drying the varnish under the influence of LED / CCFL, UV or new generation LED lamps; • film former - provides strength and protection of the coating from external factors; • thinner - responsible for the consistency and durability of the texture; • fillers and additives - aimed at strengthening the nail plate; • pigments - dyes that affect the brightness and density of the coating.

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