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Top Coat Real Top no Wipe 15ml

Nail Brand Top Coat Real Top no Wipe 15ml
Top Coat Real Top no Wipe 15ml
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Real Top rubber based.

The modern technology used to create the REAL TOP topcoat from NAIL BRAND has a very flexible rubber base and ensures maximum color rendering of the final finish of NAIL BRAND gel polish. Medium viscosity consistency facilitates easy application and distribution. The top has no sticky layer and protects your manicure from scratches and scrubbing of gel polish from the free edge. Has a UV protector filter.

REAL TOP has such qualities as:

  • retains ultra-shine for up to 4 weeks;
  • gives elasticity to the coating;
  • prevents micro cracks and chips;
  • protects against mechanical damage.

The curing time in UV/LED lamp is from 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the power of your lamp.

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